Over the counter medicines- Self Care

Why is Self-Care good for people?

Self-Care is about health decisions that people make for themselves and their family, to stay fit both mentally and physically. This includes taking care of minor ailments as well as avoiding various health hazards such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol. 

Better self care means excerising and eating well to prevent illness in the future as prevention is better than cure. Being able to self-care directly benefits individuals as well as their families and society. 

Advantages of better Self-Care:

  • Saving time and money, having to take a day off work or organise child care to see a GP or other health care professional for a health problem can make life difficult, being able to self-care appropriately can save a lot of time. Pharmacists are an excellent resource to help with self care. 
  • Taking control, individuals can take control of their own health to treat many common medical problems, again pharmacists can help with this if you are unsure. 
  • Improving quality of life, being able to self-manage symptoms such as a cough, fever and minor aches and pains improves peoples quality of life. Research shows that better self-care can improve sleep and makes people feel more confident about their own abilities to take control of their lives and improve their feelings of self worth. 

Minor ailment medicines no longer routinely available on GP prescription

From July 2018, changes were introduced across Staffordshire which mean that GPs will no longer issue prescriptions for medicines for the kind of minor, short term health problems that can be treated by medicines that are available to buy from local pharmacies. 

This will give GPs more time to spend with patients with more serious medical conditions. It will also encourage patients to make better use of community pharmacies, where there is no need for an appointment and where highly trained pharmacists are able to offer free advice.

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