Workplace Race Equality Standard (WRES)

NHS England have mandated WRES for all NHS commissioners, and all types of providers of non-primary healthcare services operating under the  full version of  the NHS Standard Contract  and so  is applicable to NHS providers,  independent sector providers, and voluntary sector providers.

Workforce ethnicity data is gathered and publicly displayed into the NHS England reporting template onto CCG and their provider partner organisation respective websites by 1st August (annually thereafter using 31st March workforce data).

There are 9 Indicators or metrics which can be found within the reporting template and within the latest NHS England Technical Guidance document.

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, said: “The Five Year Forward View sets out a direction of travel for the NHS – much of which depends on the health service embracing innovation, engaging and respecting staff, and drawing on the immense talent in our workforce.

“We know that care is far more likely to meet the needs of all the patients we’re here to serve when NHS leadership is drawn from diverse communities across the country, and when all our frontline staff are themselves free from discrimination. These new mandatory standards will help NHS organisations to achieve these important goals.”

Roger Kline, Research Fellow at Middlesex University Business School, who led the development of the standard, said: “The evidence is clear that treating all healthcare staff fairly and with respect is good for patient care.  When black and minority ethnic staff, who make up a large minority of nurses, doctors and other NHS staff, are treated fairly it improves patient experience and patient safety. The Workforce Race Equality Standard encourages, and where necessary requires, all NHS providers to treat all black and minority ethnic staff fairly and ensure their full talents are used. It is good news for patients and for staff that NHS organisations have adopted this ground breaking evidence-based approach”.

WRES Reporting Templates

Implementation of the WRES is a requirement on both NHS commissioners and NHS provider partner organisations. In light of the inclusion of WRES in the NHS standard contract and in the CCG Assurance Framework, NHS organisations should use the latest WRES Reporting Template to respond to the WRES metrics.

Previous reporting is shown below. North Staffordshire CCG and Stoke-on-Trent CCGs report jointly on the WRES to NHS England, due to overall small workforce figures and compliance  with the Data Protection Act. Neighbouring or similar (comparator) CCGs may wish to submit a jointly co-ordinated WRES report and action plan; this can counter any  potential risk of smaller workforce numbers.

Meeting Due Regard

‘Due regard’ in this context refers to the CCG  giving proportionality, relevance and sufficient  attention  to implementing the WRES.

 Latest WRES Template 


WRES Reporting Template 2017

The CCGs' WRES report for 2017 -  pdf WRES Reporting Template August 2017 (582 KB) pdf
(582 KB)

CCGs’ WRES Action Plan 2017  pdf WRES action work plan 2017-18 (689 KB)

WRES Reporting Templates - previous years

The WRES Reporting Template 2016 is designed to give an overview of the organisation’s 2016 WRES implementation (draft awaiting approvals by Joint ODC 20 September 2016)

The WRES Reporting Template 2015 is designed to give an overview of the organisation’s 2015 WRES implementation.

CCG Governing Body in Common WRES Statement of Commitment can be found here: latest  pdf Governing Body in Common Statement of Commitment Northern Staffs CCGs v1 (301 KB)

The WRES technical guidance document and all other WRES resources are available / further information can be found by following the link here to the NHS England WRES webpage.

NHS England have published two videos in order to highlight the leadership commitment given to the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES).

To view the videos, please click on the links below.

NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard

The Workforce Race Equality Standard - Why the NHS needs it

If you have any queries, please contact the CCG Equality and Inclusion Lead or Business Partner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.