Protect your child from flu this winter – it doesn’t matter how you get it done

All parents are being urged to get their children protected against flu this winter.

Most will be given a painless nasal spray, but an injectable alternative is available for any parents who have concern about this.

Flu is caused by a virus. Every year many children become very ill with flu and it can lead to complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Dr Hussain and Dr Khan talk about the importance of flu protection

Dr Omar Hussein, a GP at Milehouse Medical Practice in Newcastle-under-Lyme said: “Children are also super-spreaders of flu. They can give it to their parents, their grand-parents and older brothers and sisters. You can easily get a situation where everyone in a household is seriously ill at the same time with no-one well able to care for anyone else.

“Getting vaccinated is also helping NHS services. Hospitals are having to change the way they operate due to COVID. Having to care for many seriously ill flu patients would cause this to be even more difficult to manage.”

Children aged from two years old up to Year 7 in secondary school (aged 11-12) are eligible for flu protection.

Dr Zirva Khan of Loomer Road Surgery, also in Newcastle, said: “If anyone has concerns about the ingredients in the nasal spray, such as pork gelatin, there is an alternative that is given by injection and contains no gelatin. You just have to ask for this alternative.”

“The important thing is whichever method is used I would urge parents to get their children protected.”