Options Development Event

The work done by patients, the public and stakeholders during the pre-consultation that took place between October and December 2017 was independently analysed by the Centre for Health & Development (CHAD). This, along with detailed information about the current services and local health needs, was considered at an Options Development event on 23 January 2018 which was attended by 80 stakeholders to move the programme to the next phase. Participants at the event worked hard to develop shortlists for each Community Hospital and the potential local service offering. 

The West Midlands Clinical Senate received an update on the scope of the work on 31 January 2018.

An Options Appraisal event was held on 14 February 2018 to develop viable scenarios for each Community Hospital in Northern Staffordshire. 

The process was quality assured by the Consultation Institute.

Information presented at Options Development event

Follow the links to download the  pdf Presentation 23 January 2018 (741 KB)  and Data Packs* for each community hospital location:-

*Source: Data packs contain unvalidated data from a variety of sources including providers, partners and open source material.

We have photographed all of the comments recorded on the flip charts from each of the group discussions at the event. These are available for you to see: