Options Appraisal Event

At the Options Appraisal event on 14 February 2018 patients and partners worked with the CCGs to co-develop solutions for the future of local health services. The session was independently facilitated by the Consultation Institute to make sure that it complied with the legal processes with respect to consultation.

Representatives from provider organisations, local councils, general practice and the voluntary sector, as well as patient representatives worked to consider different scenarios for each of the five community hospitals - Bradwell, Cheadle, Haywood, Longton Cottage and Leek Moorlands. The services they considered included community beds, urgent treatment centres, diagnostics such as x-ray and ultra sound and dementia services.

This event was about listening to people’s views about the choices they would make and their priorities. The CCGs learned a great deal from the discussions and it is clear that there are different needs in each area. The CCGs are keen to develop the best solution for each community and cannot do this without involving local people.

The work will be used to inform the Pre-Consultation Business Case which will be submitted to NHS England for their assurance process, before going to formal consultation later this year. 

Information presented at Options Appraisal event

Follow the links to download the pdf presentation (473 KB)  and pdf Data Pack (1.37 MB)  to accompany the activities which each table undertook. For part of the afternoon, tables worked representing the five community hospital areas, and then people moved to different tables, to work as mixed locality groups.

  • Data packs contain unvalidated data from a variety of sources including providers, partners and open source material.

We have photographed all of the comments recorded by the note takers on the flip charts from each of the group discussions at the event. These are available for you to see:

pdf Table 1 (2.46 MB)

pdf Table 2 (2.15 MB)

pdf Table 3 (2.21 MB)

pdf Table 4 (1.39 MB)

pdf (1.39 MB) pdf Table 5 (1.44 MB)

pdf Additional comments posted by participants (1.13 MB)