My Care, My Way – Home First

CCG's comment on the future of community hospitals (28 April 2017)

My Care My Way Home First

We are planning to focus our public consultation on the health services that people need in their local area. The question will not be about whether to close or keep hospital

s but about the broad range of health services provided from the hospitals, the services they provide and where they should be based on local need, that we will be asking people to co-design with us.

We would like to confirm that we will not be launching this consultation during the pre-election ‘purdah’ period before the General Election. Added to this, we have to go through a formal NHS England Assurance process including the Clinical Senate before we get the go ahead with any public consultation.

At this stage, we haven’t got a start date for consultation. But as soon as we know we will be using as many communication channels as possible to let people know how they can get involved in what we think is an exciting and positive opportunity for local people across Northern Staffordshire to influence their local health services.

We are grateful for the understanding and patience of local people, we understand the frustration and uncertainty this delay has caused.